Choco Pie Tiramisu

A 12 pack of Chocopie
• 3 tbsp Coffee powder
• 1 cup water

Cream Cheese
• 2 cup Cream cheese
• 1 cup Icing sugar
• 2 cup Whipped cream
Chocolate Ganache
• 1 cup chocolate
• 1 tbsp whipped cream
• 1 tbsp butter

• ¼ cup Cocoa powder

1. In a deep tray, go on arranging espresso soaked Choco-Pies in rows
2. Pour melted chocolate ganache over this and spread out evenly, filling all the gaps too
3. Spread the cream cheese layer using a cake palette knife
4. Again, start arranging the second layer of espresso soaked Choco-Pies
5. One more time, spread the second cream cheese layer using a cake palette knife
6. Using a piping bag & your favorite tip, make frosting peaks on the top
7. Using a sift, make cocoa dust snow over it to cover the peaks on the top layer
8. Chill in the fridge for an hour, and voila! your Ooey Gooey Choco-Pie Tiramisu is ready to be devoured!